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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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writing assaigment

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Question description
n 1-2 pages, answer one of the following questions:
1. In ST I, Q1, what does Thomas Aquinas have to say about the relationship between faith and reason? (Please use the Bauerschmidt translation that we read for class when quoting from the text. It is fine that he does not include every article from Thomas’ first question.)
2. How does Dei verbum define revelation? What is revelation’s role in salvation history?
3. How does Genesis 1 and 2 speak to the relationship between men and women?
4. Some literary critics argue that God is the antagonist and the serpent is the protagonist in Genesis 3. In your writing, evaluate that claim.
You must use 11 or 12 point, Times New Roman font for the writing. The body of the paper should be double spaced. The header should be singled spaced at the top left hand side of the paper. It should include in this order in the first four lines of the document your full name, Mr. Deutsch, TRS 201-62: Foundations of Theology I, and the due date. The paper should also have a title that is in the center of the page after the header. The margins should be 1 inch. The rubric I use to grade the assignments is posted in the Course Documents section of blackboard.

you have to write an essay about one of the question above
and put a title and put the information above the title like
Abdulrahman Alshammari
Mr. Deutsch
TRS 201-62
Foundation of Theology I
14th septmber 2018
like this and write as non catholic because I am not catholic
and if you need any information let me know please
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