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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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For Nyanya Only, Here Is The Discussion Questions For Week 5 Thanks. I Need 250wds For Each Question.

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Environmental Risk Managementdq.1 Explain the relevance of precedents in environmental law and judicial interpretations for businesses when formulating risk management policies, and why risk management is important to business in the context of environmental law. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings. Week 5 – Discussion 2Community Response to Environmental Controversydq.2 Using the Internet or a newspaper, locate an article about a controversial environmental issue in your community. Create a critical response from a legal perspective to that issue in the form of a letter on behalf of the community (In other words, pretend like you are a spokesperson for the community and you are responding critically to the environmental controversy). You should direct your letter to the party that you perceive is the cause of this controversy (e.g., business or government.) In your letter, identify opportunities for the business community to get involved in improving the environment as it relates to the controversy. Remember to briefly describe the issue that you are critiquing. (Note that this issue should be a different issue than you use for your Week Five SWOT analysis.) Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.Purchase the answer to view it
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