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Sample Questions

Sample questions

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Board of Directors and Moral Development

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Board of Directors and Moral Development
Please answer the four questions below; This does not have to be APA formart. Due 6/28/2016

After reading the “What’s Their Motivation? Making Sense of Workplace Behavior answer the following:
1. Will you use this approach in the development of an organizational motivation approach? Explain

2. how would you integrate current trends in understanding employee needs from this article. For example, what behavioral aspects influence your decision-making process in selecting a motivational model?
Read the following articles:

Board/Executive Director Tensions

What Led to Enron, WorldCom and the Like?

A Push to Fix the Fix on Wall Street

8 Ways SOX Changed Corporate Governance

U.S. Corporate Governance: What Went Wrong and Can It Be Fixed?

answer the following questions:

3. Do you agree or disagree that members of the board of directors and the executive director should be held more accountable, even legally charged, for any unlawful organizational wrongdoings, such as the incidents that occurred with WorldCom and Enron? Explain why or why not.

4. If you were a CEO, how would you determine whom to nominate for a position on the board of directors?

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